7 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Attitude

We all have those days were things simply do not seem to be going our way.  Learning how to maintain a positive attitude is an important part of self-improvement and creating a happy lifestyle. We wanted to gather a few tips to help YOU keep a positive attitude during negative situations. Re-focus   It could … Continue reading 7 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Attitude

25 Motivational Quotes

We gathered a few of our favorite quotes that are motivating, inspiring and a reminder of why to keep moving forward. We hope these are a fun resource to keep in mind when in need of a good quote! Our HR director, Alissa, shared her favorite quote below "Winning is not a sometime thing; it's … Continue reading 25 Motivational Quotes

5 skills for Strong Leadership

When it comes to leadership there is no secret, personality type or happenstance. There are only skill sets that conduct a strong leader. Leadership is vital in all workplaces to set and reach organizational goals; Whether you are a business owner, employee, student, or entrepreneur. Strong Communication Communicating with your team is the building block … Continue reading 5 skills for Strong Leadership

5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth

SELL THE BENEFIT Think about it this way, whatever you sell is going to benefit your customer one way or another. Whether it is a cell phone, car or a mattress being sold, you are essentially solving your customer's problem with a product. A customer walks into a store to buy something they are missing. … Continue reading 5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth

Metroplex Management Celebrates October promotions

This marketing firm continues to provide growth opportunities for young adults  By Lesley Silva Congratulations to our new corporate trainers:  Adelaide, Bianca, and Tevin! Your hard work is well appreciated by our team. Metroplex Management Group has gifted them with new iPads they can take home for personal use. The last quarter With the new … Continue reading Metroplex Management Celebrates October promotions