7 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Attitude

We all have those days were things simply do not seem to be going our way.  Learning how to maintain a positive attitude is an important part of self-improvement and creating a happy lifestyle. We wanted to gather a few tips to help YOU keep a positive attitude during negative situations. Re-focus   It could … Continue reading 7 Tips for Maintaining a Positive Attitude


5 skills for Strong Leadership

When it comes to leadership there is no secret, personality type or happenstance. There are only skill sets that conduct a strong leader. Leadership is vital in all workplaces to set and reach organizational goals; Whether you are a business owner, employee, student, or entrepreneur. Strong Communication Communicating with your team is the building block … Continue reading 5 skills for Strong Leadership

5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth

SELL THE BENEFIT Think about it this way, whatever you sell is going to benefit your customer one way or another. Whether it is a cell phone, car or a mattress being sold, you are essentially solving your customer's problem with a product. A customer walks into a store to buy something they are missing. … Continue reading 5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth