The Monthly:

Article of the week: 5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Start in Sales


Who is new to our team

This week we have welcomed 11 new people to our team- wow! Here is our new team

  • Adelaise Rizan
  • Amera Shelton
  • Breana Patterson
  • Bryson Henderson
  • Carson Bennett
  • Karlos Torres
  • Kent Clark
  • London Harris
  • Shakah Stevens
  • Rafael Najera
  • Samantha Lewis


Featured Trainee of The Week:


Top Account Manager of the Week:



Upcoming Events:


  • Our back to school drive has begun and the team is pumped! We will be competing with each other for the next two months to gather as many materials as possible towards back to school.
  • Batter up! Ranger game days have been scheduled and Metroplex Management Group will be attending from July-August. Pictures to come!






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