5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth

Sell the benefit

Think about it this way, whatever you sell is going to benefit your customer one way or another. Whether it is a cell phone, car or a mattress being sold,  you are essentially solving your customers problem with a product. A customer walks into a store to buy something they are missing. With the saturation of choices, it is a sales person’s job to show how their product stands out and can benefit their customer out best. All in all, it is crucial we emphasize how this product is going to help and better your customers lifestyle!

Your Attitude

Your energy and attitude transfers to your customer. When you are smiling, excited and ready to help someone out, they are likely to become more engaged with what service product you have to provide. This gets your foot in the door and starts a positive conversation that can lead to a potential closing.  Maintaining a positive attitude is also vital when selling and marketing a product if you receive more noes than yeses because if you do not remain excited about your product, how can a customer be excited to purchase it?

Service Mentality

You want to approach your customer from a place of service. Our job is to help them find the best product that fits their wants and needs, even if they do not know what those wants and needs are yet.  As a sales person, you are also a problem solver in which you ask questions, listen, and guide the buyer on their best options.  Make sure you are focusing on your customer as an individual not as a sales number.

 “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Most of all, make sure you build a trustworthy relationship through out your conversation’s with a customer.  Explaining the ins and outs of your product is a great way to build a foundation of trust. Additionally, include as much detail and allow as many questions. This helps the customer understand the product as a whole which in result diminishes any skepticism they initially had. Showing honesty and communicating intentionally builds greater trust and can potentially lead to a sale.

Every No is a Step Closer to Your Yes

With all the No’s representatives encounter it is important to remember you are one no closer to your yes. A customer will want you to be just as enthusiastic about the product you are marketing as you were with the first person you interacted with that day. Keeping a positive rhythm has the influence to create as many closing opportunities as possible.



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