5 skills for Strong Leadership

When it comes to leadership there is no secret, personality type or happenstance. There are only skill sets that conduct a strong leader. Leadership is vital in all workplaces to set and reach organizational goals; Whether you are a business owner, employee, student, or entrepreneur.

Strong Communication

Communicating with your team is the building block needed to get to where you want to go. This means, setting expectations, deadlines, goals and referencing hiccups as well as achievements.  Communicating well with your team also means listening and encouraging feedback! This is how problems are fixed and growth is encouraged. A team must remain on the same page as each other at all times in order to make it to the next chapter.

The art of communication is the language of leadership

-James Humes


Staying goal-focused is crucial when striving toward progress. Leadership consists of directing and setting the steps needed to get to your destination. Even small goals need a game plan, as a goal with no plan is just a wish. So, stay goal-oriented! Remind your team why and how they should stay motivated, set measurable milestones and keep all goals as the magnet of your organization.


Organization is how things get done! Part of becoming a leader means staying on top of what there is to do and everything that is in between a day to day basis. When things get misplaced, lost or forgotten it can become a giant step back. Not to mention the chunk of time lost trying to retrieve it.  While some distractions are inevitable, keeping an organized workplace keeps as much of a steady production pace as possible.


Managing time wisely is one of the most constructive skills to obtain as a leader. By knowing where you invest your time and how to make the most of it leads to a more efficient work ethic. Procrastination will less likely become problematic as your time has already been scheduled aside (early) for tasks, presentations, and deadlines. Being on time is expected, but showing up early shows good time management along with unexcused accountability.


We can not always be motivated, so we must learn to be disciplined. Motivation comes and goes, which is why leaders are teams biggest source of motivation. Something we like to do at MMG is fun team meetings where individuals can learn from each other and interact whether it’s sharing their goals, weak spots or tips.   Quotes are always a quick, yet impactful way to start the day with the right attitude. Additionally,  on Friday mornings, we set up games for the team and recognize weekly successes! Motivation can be found in various ways and is essentially the fuel needed to finish the race. Leaders are capable of pushing their team to the finish line.





Every great story on the planet happened when someone decided not to give up, but kept going no matter what.

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