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5 Marketing Tips for Sales Growth

Sell the benefit

Think about it this way, whatever you sell is going to benefit your customer one way or another. Whether it is a cell phone, car or a mattress being sold,  you are essentially solving your customers problem with a product. A customer walks into a store to buy something they are missing. With the saturation of choices, it is a sales person’s job to show how their product stands out and can benefit their customer out best. All in all, it is crucial we emphasize how this product is going to help and better your customers lifestyle!

Your Attitude

Your energy and attitude transfers to your customer. When you are smiling, excited and ready to help someone out, they are likely to become more engaged with what service product you have to provide. This gets your foot in the door and starts a positive conversation that can lead to a potential closing.  Maintaining a positive attitude is also vital when selling and marketing a product if you receive more noes than yeses because if you do not remain excited about your product, how can a customer be excited to purchase it?

Service Mentality

You want to approach your customer from a place of service. Our job is to help them find the best product that fits their wants and needs, even if they do not know what those wants and needs are yet.  As a sales person, you are also a problem solver in which you ask questions, listen, and guide the buyer on their best options.  Make sure you are focusing on your customer as an individual not as a sales number.

 “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”


Most of all, make sure you build a trustworthy relationship through out your conversation’s with a customer.  Explaining the ins and outs of your product is a great way to build a foundation of trust. Additionally, include as much detail and allow as many questions. This helps the customer understand the product as a whole which in result diminishes any skepticism they initially had. Showing honesty and communicating intentionally builds greater trust and can potentially lead to a sale.

Every No is a Step Closer to Your Yes

With all the No’s representatives encounter it is important to remember you are one no closer to your yes. A customer will want you to be just as enthusiastic about the product you are marketing as you were with the first person you interacted with that day. Keeping a positive rhythm has the influence to create as many closing opportunities as possible.


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Team Building with MMG

R & R Client Trip

Last month our owners had the chance to travel to the Dominican Republic to learn and network with other owners all across the country.  Our once in a year meeting gives us an opportunity to gain greater knowledge about our business and clients. In fact, this is an all exclusive trip paid by our clients themselves! We also get to know our amazing clients more personally through out this time. At the end we have an award ceremony where we recognize individuals for their outstanding work through out the year. But most of all, we have fun!


A dominican Republic Getaway!


Team night at buffalo wild wings

Our team had a fun dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings after their shift on Friday night. We try to keep things fun here at MMG with outings and events our team will enjoy while getting to know each other better. Whats better than wings and football?



Cowboys Game

Speaking of football, thanks to our wonderful clients, we were able get tickets to a Cowboys vs Tennessee game! It was such a blast seeing our team play from a private suite. Here is a photo a professional photographer took for us! IMG_3564


Friday Fun

Most Fridays we line up a few games for our reps to get them pumped before they begin their work day- It can get pretty competitive in our office! But it is always fun to see our teams work together to finish off strong!





Admin Trip

Our administrators got together for a National conference in Atlanta, Georgia! They were able to meet some of our top organization’s recruiters from across the country and learn more their business. The best part? A scavenger hunt in the city! Our admins had so much fun exploring Atlanta on this business trip!



Our HR director, Alissa, striking a pose!
Scavenger hunt time
Some of our amazing admins!


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Metroplex Management Celebrates October promotions

This marketing firm continues to provide growth opportunities for young adults 

By Lesley Silva

Congratulations to our new corporate trainers:  Adelaide, Bianca, and Tevin! Your hard work is well appreciated by our team. Metroplex Management Group has gifted them with new iPads they can take home for personal use.

The last quarter

With the new year wrapping up we are finishing up our expansions and promotions for the year strong as ever. Our head Corporate Trainer, Spencer Hartung, will soon be expanding as a new Director of  Operations in the Colorado Springs area.  We have so much exciting growth happening here!

Addie, Tevin and Bianca with their new iPads!

Promotion opportunities

Metroplex Management Group has a Management Training Program which allows Account Managers to progress into becoming Corporate Trainers within the first couple months! As they get promoted, Corporate Trainers have the opportunity to build and train their very own team.  The Management Training Program takes a little over a year before Corporate Trainers expand as a self-titled business across the nation .

Why we strive to promote

Essentially, our goal is to guide our representatives to grow professionally and personally while they start building their own businesses. We strive to often promote notable work through out the year so our representatives can become their own boss.

Celebrating success

Well earned Adelaide, Bianca, and Tevin- You are one step closer to leading a great team building your own business . We can not wait to see how much more you grow here!


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Key To Success!

Leaders from across the nation joined us for the Key to Success Convention in Dallas.  Our CEO Bill Bishop helped host the annual meeting that provides rich information to our reps, leaders and owners. Our meeting was filled with talented individuals eager to learn more about building their business and striving in their management positions. We had wonderful leaders speak on their journey as business owners to further guide our reps in the right direction as 2018 comes to a closure. There has been so much growth, expansions and developments this year and we can not wait to see what 2019 brings!IMG_1728IMG_1732IMG_1742IMG_1683IMG_1671IMG_1669IMG_1657IMG_1744IMG_1745IMG_1746IMG_1753IMG_1664IMG_1657IMG_1671IMG_1669IMG_1728IMG_1732IMG_1742IMG_1744IMG_1745IMG_1746IMG_1753

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Apple Convention

About a month ago, we signed a contract with apple. Metroplex Management Group is so excited to be working with one of the top businesses in the Nation. To learn all about Apple and their products we held a conference where our sales representatives could learn all about our new clients and their products. We want to thank everyone who attended this conference ready to learn! We captured all the fun during this event on the pictures below.